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The Devil is in the details

So here we are, winding up with the Devil’s Food Cake that I made into Muffins/Cup Cakes in order to use up the remaining cream cheese icing I had from making Val’s Carrot Cake.

Do you know when a muffin becomes a cup cake, or cup cake becomes a muffin?  I don’t but curious to know. Is it just that it’s more fancy to say cup cake now days?  Or it is because the muffin is iced?  I really don’t know.

I digress.

Cream cheese icing (or frosting) is quite rich. Though the icing I made wasn’t too sweet. The more icing sugar you use the sweeter it’ll become. So hold fire adding the milk from my recipe if you feel the icing is a bit loose/sloppy. Unless of course you’re aiming for a very sweet icing/frosting.

I pretty much had decided I’d like to make a rich chocolate cake and started looking on Pinterest for ideas. I recall many months ago Megan (who gave me an invite, when invites were needed) told me that you can get absorbed in Pinterest for hours. It’s only very recently that I can say it’s happened to me. There’s just so much information and ideas out there.

I had started out checking out the latest offerings on Pinterest and wound my way to a foodie blog by a lady in Sydney. I always find it refreshing to read a food blog from someone “Down Under” who calls ingredients, and measures them, the same as we do in New Zealand.

I’d found my way to a recipe for Mint Chocolate Chip Cake. It’s so pretty. The recipe for the cake was from an American Pastry Chef, living in Paris.

Even having wound my way through to many other gorgeous food blogs I came back to this recipe for Devil’s Food Cake.

Remember I had left over cream cheese icing so I didn’t want to make what is enough for two 9” cakes. I halved the recipe.

Stephanie, the star baker from Raspberri Cup Cakes, confessed to having tripled the salt, accidentally, in her batter. Well I was outside feeding the worms when the first 6 muffins were already in the baking when it struck me that I didn’t recall adding any salt at all.

I hastily came inside, checked the recipe and sure enough, there was the line …. 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt. I had batter left over, but less than 1/2 and I didn’t want to “accidentally/deliberately” follow the recipe of 1 1/2 teaspoons. So I just took a punt, as you do, and poured a little into my palm and then gently folded it into the remaining batter.


The batter is really glossy. More than this photo would have you believe.  So this portion of the batter includes salt.

That’ll be 5 of the 11 cup cakes I got from half of the recipe.


I gave these a tap to try and smooth out the batter. At 12 minutes into the 18 minutes of cooking (on 180 C.) I turned them around in the oven.


And when you’ve got the service person coming back for a 3rd visit, you finally get around to cleaning the oven. And now we can actually see what’s going on in there.


Yes the tops cracked. But who cares. They’ll be iced and no one will be any the wiser.


As you can see, they do rise quite a bit, so don’t over fill the paper cases. Mine were possibly a little over 1/2 filled.

These were all done just before lunch, and while I was dying to see what they tasted like, I’d convinced myself they’d be better in a couple of hours (though who doesn’t like still warm baking?) so I took myself off for a nap since I’d been awake until after 2:30am the night before. Having a cold that makes you feel physically ill in the pit of your stomach is no fun. It’s so incredibly difficult to get comfortable in bed. And of course each time you roll over, that sends a message to your nose to start running, again.

The breadmaker proclaiming the bread was cooked was what woke me up. But it signalled it was time to ice a cup cake and decide if the recipe was a keeper or not.

No one else in the house was ready to eat one, and truth be told, nor was I. But the suspense was killing me.

So in order to get this post written I sacrificed myself and iced just one so I could take a few photos and complete this post.

Here’s my crap “foodie” shot. Pretty lame but I wasn’t prepared for some glam shot. Don’t judge me Winking smile


At least my palette knife is colour coordinated with the place mat. It’s the little things Winking smile

So what’s it like as a cake?

Well it’s got good colour.


And it tastes quite rich. Which brings me to the discussion abut Dutch Cocoa. I’ve ordered some TradeMe. Some of the recipes I’ve been reading encourage you to use the best cocoa powder you can find. And I’ve also been eyeing up a number of recipes that use Vanilla Bean Pods. I’ve never ever used them. So I’ve taken a punt with this “bundle” and have Vanilla extract, vanilla pods and Dutch cocoa heading it’s way to me on Monday. Because the seller has already been in touch and told me so.

BTW, I put this on my watch list, it was due to close 10 minutes later. I was offered it for $27, hey every bit counts.

Back to the Devil’s Food Cake.


The texture is very nice, I like the colour, the taste is good, and I expect it to be significantly improved with better quality cocoa, but that’s not to say it doesn’t taste good using Nestles Cocoa powder.

The cake was dead easy to make and I think is probably one of the nicest chocolate cakes I’ve had. And I’d like to try this with a Chocolate frosting. But not until I’ve finally used up all that left over Cream Cheese frosting.

Can you sense there’s going to be a vicious circle here? Bake these to use up the current frosting, run out of frosting but have more cup cakes, make more frosting, run out of cup cakes and on and on it goes.

Ok, I’ve got to nip down to the supermarket to buy a packet of peas so that I can try out a new recipe for tonight’s dinner.  Yes, I use my weekends to play with food Open-mouthed smile

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