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Creamy Fettuccini with Ham and Peas

Tonight I made a very simple, quick, yet delicious pasta meal from this recipe on Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.

Because we’re so wild with our food, we only had peas and corn. I had to nip down to the supermarket to buy peas. And of course all the baby peas were gone. The supermarket had a special on them. I missed out.

The recipe says the sauce is just enough, but I like a lot of sauce on pasta. The recipe is also enough for 6 people. There’s just 3 of us.

So I kept the sauce as it was and halved the pasta and peas. Mark wasn’t at all a fan of having peas in this in the first place.

I wasn’t quite sure how Cream Cheese would melt down. It’s not something I’ve ever seen happen. Cream cheese is usually in icing or a baked cheese cake. I’m sure there’s many things you can do with it but that’s the limit of my relationship with Cream Cheese.

So here’s what happens when you use is as the base of a sauce.

2012-08-26 17.44.55

It is quite reluctant to melt.

2012-08-26 17.48.52

This is with having added in the milk.  Now it’s being more compliant. Perhaps just a bit too heavy handed with the butter me thinks.

2012-08-26 17.49.30

Throw in ham and parmesan cheese and we’re away laughing.

2012-08-26 17.50.21

Actually it was looking really good. I was suddenly quite hungry.

2012-08-26 17.53.05

Last, but by no means least, the cooked Pasta and peas.

2012-08-26 17.56.54

We were ready to rock and roll.

The sauce was probably too much for the amount of pasta we had, but I think the 1/2 portion would have left it a little on the dry side. As the meal cooled a bit the sauce thickened even more and it was a good consistency to begin with.  Perhaps next time I’ll fiddle about with the measurements to see if I can get the consistency perfect for my tastes.

This was such a tasty meal. I added cracked pepper and a little more Parmesan cheese. Mark grumbled about the peas and Mark’s Mum questioned whether it would be possible to leave Mark’s Pasta aside next time so he didn’t have to suffer eating peas.


You’d have thought a Mother would encourage her child to eat vegetables Smile with tongue out

Given the simplicity and ease of making this, not to mention the great taste, I’ll be making it again. Peas included. Of course I threatened to make it with the peas and corn. I got the reaction I was expecting.

One response to “Creamy Fettuccini with Ham and Peas

  1. Fiona Richardson 26 August 2012 at 10:30 pm

    I have been pondering a reply after reading your earlier post on talking to Mark’s Mum, or not talking as it turned out perhaps…
    I was thinking that obsessions about junk mail and toilet seats probably isn’t helping, but after raising four kids, I am now more immune to junk and the toilet seat can be wherever it likes and I won’t worry ( although after watching some of those programmes on dirty homes under UV lights, the scattering of bacteria from it would make me more conscious if my toothbrush or towels are near it…).
    Anyway – your nit picking on things she probably doesn’t notice might be minor, but, if I was living with you, I would be scared to cook in your kitchen in case I put something where it shouldn’t be. After reading these lovely recipes and how playing with food creation is your relaxation, I would be even more concerned about being in your “space’.

    Anyway – I guess if she won’t cook, can you cook double quantities of food on more nights so that there is an easy meal in the freezer… and is it possible she could help with getting takeaways occasionally – or a meal out?

    No idea how to cope with the lack of time alone – regular nights away? date nights out… new house with granny flat. I am immensely aware that in my own time with MIL, the only way it ended was with her breaking a hip and going into a rest home… it was a conversation we could never have either. Can you introduce it as “when things settle down we should look for a lovely new place for you nearby…”

    That carrot cake looked PDG!

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